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The Devil is in the detail

There are Speedsters, and then there are Vintage Speedsters.

Factory-built since 1988

Founded in 1988, Vintage Speedsters are factory-built at a 30,000sqft facility in Pheonix Arizona.

With over 3,500 cars delivered, Vintage Speedsters are the World’s market leader and account for over 90% of the Speedsters being sold today.

As ‘New’, as ‘As-New’ can be

Vintage Speedsters use a custom-built, jig welded, 2×4 inch 11-gauge steel frame for the chassis.

Only the back-bone from an original VW floor-pan is taken from the donor vehicle, and even this is restored to an ‘as-new’ condition.

Quality and durability

The restored backbone is welded to a new steel skeleton, retaining the original VW floor-pan design, but utilising galvansied fixings and fully powder-coated for an unparalleled level of quality, finish and durability.

A new ‘heart’

Unlike other manufacturers, and regardless of which engine you choose, we don’t recondition the engines from our donor vehicles. Our engines are totally new and built to the highest standards and the most demanding of tolerances.

The perfect body

The Vintage Speedster’s body is a perfectly accurate replica of the 1957 Speedster. With a fit and finish that has been honed to perfection over its 30 years of production, the panel edges and smooth, ripple-free surfaces are visually indistinguishable from metal.

Renowned for accuracy

Vintage Speedsters are reknowned for their accuracy, and the tiniest of details are always being honed and improved. For example, the handbrake, which is now mounted under the dashboard, as a further homage to the original 1957 Speedster.

Not just high days and holidays

Rarely do you see a Speedster wearing full-weather kit, but our system is truly a sight to behold. With a chrome mechanism, easy-fit tailored roof and drop-in side windows, this period-accurate look turns heads while keeping its occupants snug in all weather.

Decisions, decisions

Deciding to buy a Vintage Speedster is an easy decision, deciding from the plethora of options available is not. Beyond the options offered, whether you want bespoke paint or a tartan interior, we will always endeavour to deliver your dream car, so please do get in touch.

6 Month Warranty

Low-cost maintenance and accessability to parts remains one of the most attractive qualities of a Vintage Speedster. In addition to this, AutoVero’s
6 month, no quibble, full parts and labour warranty ensures full peace-of-mind motoring.

British Benefits

Being over 30 years old entitles a Vintage Speedster to be considerd as an ‘Historic Vehicle’ in the UK.

The benefits of this include no road-tax, and it is also exempt from the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London.